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The challenge for sustainability is large and must lead to a different use of energy. For this reason Force Renewable Energy actively participates and invests in the development and operation of large-scale wind projects and solar parks on land. Due to the limited available space in the Netherlands, becoming energy neutral requires a lot from governments, local residents, nature, companies and other interested parties. Our aim is to contribute to this in a professional manner.

In addition, Force RE explored promising technologies and markets that are important in the energy transition. In this context we are involved as initiator in the GreenH2UB concept with which green hydrogen is produced and supplied to, among other things, mobility.


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Wind energy

The right location for a wind farm is very important. Many aspects must be tested and coordinated before we can speak of a potentially promising location. Following highways, railways or other infrastructural works in the landscape can be a good starting point. In addition to residential areas, residential homes and high-risk objects, account must also be taken of air traffic, gas pipelines, nature values (flora and fauna) and landscape quality.

Force RE initiates, qualifies and develops wind farms in the Netherlands with a clearly cooperative character. We have joined forces and are affiliated with Renewable Factory so that our projects can be realized professionally. Work is underway on a portfolio of approximately 20 wind farms with a total capacity of 550 MW.

Solar energy

Ground-based solar parks are on the rise and will make an important contribution to the energy transition. We have been active since 2008 in solar energy on both large roofs and on land. Our starting points here are that this must be done in close consultation with local residents, landowners, municipality and other parties involved. To do such procedures carefully, we encourage local involvement and pay attention to a beautiful landscape integration.

Force RE is affiliated with Solarfields Nederland BV and has thus joined forces with the market leader in the Netherlands. A portfolio of approximately 25 ground-based solar parks with a total Wp capacity of 350 MW is being worked on together.


“Hydrogen is enjoying an unprecedented momentum today. The world should not miss this unique opportunity to make hydrogen an important part of our clean and secure energy future ”(Fatih Birol, IEA).

Force Renewable Energy is the initiator of the GreenH2UB and works together with the BOM (Brabant Development Agency) and partners on the realization of GreenH2UBs. Unique is that electrons from wind and solar energy are converted into green hydrogen molecules which can then be used for mobility and for net balancing. We are involved in the Brabant Hydrogen Coalition and are part of the 2019 ministerial Hydrogen trade mission to Japan.

Would you like to know what Force Renewable Energy can do for you? We will be happy to discuss the options with you.

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de Pals

  • Gemeente Bladel
  • 4 x 5,6 = 22,4 MW
  • Operationeel 2021


  • Gemeente Oss
  • 9 x 5,6 = 50,4 MW
  • Operationeel 2022

Groote Molenbeek

  • Gemeente Peel en Maas
  • 5 x 5,6 = 28 MW
  • Operationeel 2022


  • Gemeente Valkenswaard
  • 9 x 5,6 = 50,4 MW
  • Operationeel 2022

PLP Coatings

  • Tessenderlo, België
  • Platdak
  • 300 kWp
  • Operationeel sinds 2012


  • Wondelgem, België
  • Zadeldak en platdak
  • 300 kWp
  • Operationeel sinds 2012


  • Overpelt, België
  • Platdak
  • 300 kWp
  • Operationeel sinds 2012